Wholesale VEgan Products for every situation


Looking for wholesale vegan products for your restaurant, hotel, catering group, food supply company or commercial kitchen? No matter if you’re a 100% vegan business or just aiming to add more plant based options for certain diets, the BE-Hive is your source for meat and dairy alternatives that satisfy every taste bud.

Our items range from vegan versions of classics like pastrami, pepperoni and bacon to mouth watering mozzarella, vegan mayonnaise and similar condiments, breakfast sausages, breaded wings, chorizo and more.

We’re proud to play a vital role in the everyday operations of dozens of restaurants and buffet lines all over the US. BE-Hive wholesale vegan products are found in deli sandwiches, vegan cheesesteaks and burritos, on pizzas, biscuits and charcuterie plates, and beyond.

For more info about any of the items below such as ingredients and more photos, check out our main products page and get in touch with us about pricing. 

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"The best part about working with the BE-Hive is how flexible they are with my orders while still being timely and professional. They have the relatability of a small business with the consistent quality and dependability of a corporation.”

-Nick Davis, Owner, Graze Nashville

Think Big

Every one of our wholesale vegan products are made from scratch with the same high quality ingredients and loving attention as our retail line. Buying in bulk quantities from the BE-Hive will save you time and money and is sure to delight your customers and staff and make your life easier.

Interested in learning more? Take a look below and read on about how our line of wholesale vegan products can take your company to the next level.

Seitan Blocks

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Making seitan in a kitchen may sound easy on paper, but pulling it off with reliable quality in large enough amounts for a busy restaurant or major catering job is no small feat. We’ve been perfecting our BE-Hive Seitan Blocks for years, and it’s no wonder that they’ve become our flagship product and an integral part of many vegan menus.


The BE-Hive’s seitan based sausage links are a fantastic addition as a main protein for the grill or in soups, stews or any other traditionally meat-based menu items. Our wholesale vegan products  in this category include Pineapple and Jalapeno Chorizo, Andouille (great for cajun inspired menus) Italian, and Apple and Herb.


BE-Hive Pepperoni 

BE-Hive Pepperoni 

Our vegan pepperoni has all the fennelly, spicy flavor and bite of the real thing, making it one of our most popular vegan wholesale items. Order it in links or pre-sliced for an instant meatless pizza classic.


Ground and marinated BE-Hive chorizo makes a great vegan supplement to a Tex Mex menu, holding up excellently in a steam table or catering pan. Simply fry it on a flat top or skillet beforehand and add to tacos, burritos or bowls.  Ole!

Sandwich Meats

Whether you’re running a deli or sandwich bar or need some stackable slices for a catering plate, our pre-sliced seitan sandwich meats get the job done. BE-Hive Classic Deli Slices (also available in retail packages) are cut to perfect “shaved-ham” thinness and tossed in our tangy, mustard-y deli marinade, making them perfect right out of the bag on cold cut sandwiches or seared on the grill for a zesty, crispy bite.

Seitan Bacon Strips on a Breakfast Sandwich

Seitan Bacon Strips on a Breakfast Sandwich

Our plant based pastrami and marbled bacon are convincing in flavor and look, making a great maple-tinged BLT or vegan reuben. Or, for a true holiday feast or party tray treat, try BE-Hive Apple and Herb slices.

Cheese, Wings and other Specialty Items

BE-Hive wholesale vegan products aren’t just limited to these meat-based flavor profiles. We also carry a rich, creamy coconut based mozzarella that melts beautifully on a pizza or sandwich, and holds its shape for hors d’oeuvre plates.

Own a forward-thinking bar or gastropub? BE-Hive Seitan Wings are a pub grubbing vegan’s delight. With a well-seasoned breading and quick cook time (deep frier is required), they make any kind of sauce they’re tossed in shine - Buffalo, BBQ, mustard, or whatever suits your fancy!

Have something special in mind? Our talented team of vegan chefs and food manufacturers love making other business’ dreams come true! Drop us a line and find out what kind of wholesale vegan products we can create for you.