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All about Organic Full Spectrum CBD Products in Tennessee

There’s been a lot of buzz about hemp products in Tennessee and all over the United States recently, and with good reason. After decades of vilification on the legal and cultural level based on dubious claims about its properties and effects, citizens and local governments across the country are starting to take a closer look at the hemp plant and its constituent components, with surprising results.

In addition to its usefulness in the construction of fiber-based products like paper, clothes and rope, hemp can also contain high concentrations of a compound known as cannabidiol, or CBD. The ingestion or topical application of CBD in humans has been shown in some international studies to correlate to a variety of unique outcomes, such as anti-inflammatory action, anxiety relief and help with addiction. These findings have in turn led to the development of hundreds of new items on the market, including what are known as full spectrum CBD products.

New Discoveries, New Questions


It is important to note that the United States Food and Drug Administration has not approved CBD for therapeutic use in the treatment of any the conditions listed above, and much more research remains to be done in this field. However, based on currently available information, it appears that not all hemp products are created equally. The vast majority of CBD products available in Tennessee and other regions derive from cannabidiol isolates, meaning that only this single compound is extracted and distilled.

The Full Spectrum CBD Difference

While CBD has certainly been borne out as one of the more dynamic bioactive constituents of this fascinating plant, hemp actually contains a huge number of additional molecular ingredients, and some emerging evidence suggests that the interplay between all of these cannabinoids is the real powerhouse behind a CBD product’s claimed potency when taken orally or applied to the skin.  For instance, hemp happens to contain vitamins A, C and E, all of which are important for healthy immune and endocrine system function.


If CBD indeed has the properties ascribed to it, than the vitamins named above, as well as essential minerals, amino acids, protein, fiber and other bioelements found in a pure hemp extract could theoretically work together to enable more efficient activation of these properties. This kind of synergistic interplay would explain the current trends in clinical hemp research that point toward a more holistic appreciation of the plant.

Finding Organic Full Spectrum CBD Products in Tennessee

Fortunately for those looking to try ingestible hemp oils and extracts of the highest possible quality, many organic full spectrum CBD products are becoming available to everyday consumers as farmers, producers and distributors become more involved in the changing public perception of and law-based framework for handling the crop itself. In Tennessee, for instance, the state legislature acted to officially distinguish between industrial hemp and other strains of cannabis (the “mother plant” of hemp) in 2014, and even went so far as to introduce a pilot program allowing farmers to grow this variety under controlled conditions.

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These actions have resulted in a number of organic hemp farming operations throughout the state, with the downstream outcome of many organic full spectrum CBD products being produced and sold directly to consumers through online outlets and in brick and mortar stores.

At the BE-Hive, our cBEd products are made from organic full spectrum Tennessee hemp, and we include all relevant information about our source material, obtained through a third-party laboratory. Check out our items and always feel free to drop us a line with any questions!