We will not be doing any buffets at the Wild Cow until August... Why?! ... and what is the BE Hive really?

well... Check it.

We started this thing because it's what we love to do. We feed people, promote healthy living, and bring the community together to eat well and support the environment we live in. All of us do this in addition to our regular lives... music, school, jobs, and life. If we can't do it right, or are running out of time for our own sanity, we in turn contradict out own morals and ideals.

This thing originally started with a band and an idea, but it quickly became more. It was a way of life. We were a group that could express ourselves in any way we liked, and as long as the message and approach was positive, nothing else mattered. We held vegan potlucks at our house which we called The BE Hive. This happened every several months, when the time was right, and because it was what we wanted to do. As they got larger, they became more special, and became another outlet to creatively express ourselves and spread our message.

The BE Hive is about taking care of yourself, and doing what is right for you. We try to inflict the least amount of negative impact on people and the world around us, while positively influencing those who care to take notice and are open to different ideas. The bottom line is that you can't change anybody. People have to want change, and then control their actions towards doing so. This is why we lead by example, and just simply BE.  

By us taking a breather and stepping back, we will be able provide a better experiance and make moves to expand the idea even further. By no means is The BE Hive deadThe buffet at The Wild Cow is only one outlet in which we want to exist. We will continue on with our weekly booth at The East Nashville Farmers' Market and work towards adding another location in addition to The Wild Cow. Regardless, we will resume the Buffet in August at once a month until further notice.

BE good.  BE You. Do what you like to do for the betterment of yourself… and perhaps, the world around you.

Thanks for being awesome.

-The BE Hive