The BE Hive Picnic Style Buffet for Community Food Advocates!!!

Today we celebrate the 3rd of July... why? Why not?

If were gonna celebrate, then why not celebrate with food, and with people who support a healthy food community? So this is why we're doing a

Picnic Style Buffet for Community Food Advocates!!!

This week we go on a Picnic, but not really, more like a Sandwich Safari, and Eat:

(set up as a Sandwich bar)

Black Bean Beet Quinoa Burger
Sliced Roast Seitan
BBQ Peanut Sloppy Joe
Macaroni Cheeze & Greens
Baked Beans
Roasted Squash
Sauteed Onions & Peppers
Lettuce, Tomato, Carrots
Potato Salad
Sunny Slaw
White Bean Zucchini Dip

Raspberry Tart
Vanilla Chocolate Chip Cupcake Bites

Come Eat and Support this organization who's mission is to end hunger and create a healthy, just, and sustainable food system. 

For more info about Community Food Advocates go here:


- $12 all you can eat vegetarian dinner buffet. (Egg and Dairy free)
- $10 togo plates
- 4-9pm
- Alcohol and other beverages will be sold.
- New menu and organization every week.

We are now teaming up with Delvin Farms! Our message is one of local community involvement and support, and BEing a part of something good. So from now on we will be using as much local and organic produce as we can from one of the largest local organic farmers in the region!