The BE Hive B-BE-Q Buffet for East Nashville Farmers Market/Delvin Farms!!!

Ya know, not many people are in tune with their local farmer. If people buy local organic produce, they are not only doing themselves a favor by eating healthier food, but they also support their community and the people that bring real whole foods to their area. This is an important concept and integral process that connects people to healthy food and also the people who provide it.

This is why are are supporting those who make this happen for us by doing a BBQ buffet for EAST NASHVILLE FARMER'S MARKET / DELVIN FARMS!!!

We will BE serving:

-Smoked BBQ Strips
-Golden BBQ Seitan
-Jamaican Sloppy Joe
-Jalapeno White BEans
-Hoppin John Rice
-Roasted Squash
-Scalloped Potato Casserole
-Cole Slaw
-Orzo Salad
-Collard & Black Eye Pea Soup
-Baked Apple Hummus

-Wild Blueberry Cobbler
-Peanut Butter Brownie Bites


Come eat and support your local organic farmer and Farmer's Market! 

Check out the East Nashville Farmers Market here:

and Delvin Farms here:


- $10 all you can eat vegetarian dinner buffet. (Egg and Dairy free)
- $9 for togo plates
- 4-9pm
- Alcohol and other beverages will be sold.
- New menu and organization every week.