The BE Hive Buffet presents REAL FOOD that supports BLOOD:WATER MISSION!!!

Real Food, damnit! Real foods for a Real Cause! (even though every cause we support is real :) 

This week we bring a whole foods approach to our menu and donate to BLOOD:WATER MISSION!!!

We got Mixed Chili Beans, Red Lentils with a plethora of veggies, Carrot Ginger Soup, Roasted Almond Hummus, Butternut Squash Casserole, Pomegranate Kale Salad and more!

Did you ever think whole foods could sound so tasty?!

Come Eat and support this grassroots organization that empowers communities to work together against the HIV/AIDS and water crises in Africa.

It may not be a Nashville community issue, but people deserve the right to water, and some things just shouldn't go unnoticed.

- $10 all you can eat vegetarian dinner buffet. (Egg and Dairy free)
- $9 for togo plates
- 4-9pm
- Alcohol and other beverages will be sold.

Check out the event pic for the full menu!
New menu and organization every week.