seitan 101

Seitan 101: Using BE-Hive products at home

Seitan is SO VERSATILE, all the choices can be overwhelming. So we wanted to put together some basic instructions for you!


Firstly: Keep Refrigerated OR throw in the freezer until needed!

Our seitan can be used and heated in any way: sauteed, grilled, steamed or fried! Our seitan is 100% plant based, which means you don’t need to cook it to a specific temperature, just to your DESIRED temp. (if you’re worried about it though, heat to 160!) Here are our suggestions for our retail products - check our where to find it page to get your hands on some:

Chorizo: We believe the best way to enjoy this product is to saute it in a skillet with a little oil until browned. This brings about a great texture and flavor that compliments any scramble, taco, or burrito!

Filets: We believe the best way to enjoy the filets in either on the grill or seared in a skillet with a little oil until browned!

Slices: These are great cold, but can also be sauteed in a pan to fill a warm sandwich like a philly or a reuben!