About Us 

The BE Hive emerged in 2011 from a group of friends and coworkers living in East Nashville. Realizing our shared values about community and health, we set out to create a sustainable business that felt and operated like a collective, and that gave back to the people around us. 

Our first buffet was held in October 2011 at the Wild Cow Vegetarian Restaurant. Support was strong right off the bat, and we soon expanded into producing seitan (check out our Products page for more info). 


Starting with a group of friends in a band who all lived in the same house, The BE Hive was born. The band, Born Empty, quickly stumbled upon the "BE" as a very appropriate abbreviation to describe the band and mindset of all the members... 'Just BE' was the approach to their lives, hence it was only fitting to call the house in which they lived, 'The BE Hive'. Every several months, Vegan Potlucks were held here, getting bigger and bigger from the start, to where they eventually became huge parties with tons of amazing food that all sorts of people made and brought to the house. Food and healthy living quickly became a huge passion for these guys, specifically Ben Stix and Eric Esters (B and E), who in turn took the lead on the cooking and organization of these potlucks. 

Eventually, the guys moved out of the house, and since Ben was already working at The Wild Cow, it only made sense to attempt a BE Hive event at a more legitimate venue and charge an entrance fee. Two potlucks were held and both raised over $500 for different bicycle rides, one for AIDS and one for Multiple Sclerosis. Here is where Nick Davis, GM of the Cow, joined forces with B and E, and the current form of The BE Hive was born.

We hold a random pop-up events in the form of Vegetarian Buffets. Each time, a different menu is served, and 15% of the profits is donated to different charity's and non-profits every week. This progressive approach allows The BE Hive to keep the overhead cost down, remain mobile, and adequately support and influence the community around them through feeding them good and healthy foods. 

The Message

The idea is that The BE Hive is a collective... a campaign for GOOD. They serve good, plant based whole foods, at a good price, and raise money and awareness for organizations that are doing good. All parties benefit from The Hive: the customer, the organization, the host restaurant, and the Hive itself. Everyone likes to eat and support good causes, and The BE Hive provides this web, connecting the community to the organizations that are helping them, while fulfilling both their physical and mental innate desires. We all need to eat, be healthy to ourselves and the planet, and strive to BE GOOD. The BE Hive is here to help provide the means to do so.

Do yourself a favor and check out the world of The BE Hive. Whether its buying our seitan at a store, eating it at a restaurant, or attending one of our buffets, your community and your body with thank you for it... 

In the mean time, take care of yourself, and BE GOOD.